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Jul 27, 2020   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Digital Marketing

Effective social media strategies to work on in 2020

Social Media

Social media is the trendsetter in today's scenario. People get to know about other people and businesses or brands through social media and it helps them in building personal as well as professional relationships. Social media has various tools and features that will help you in making any kind of changes or advancements in your business. There are various social media platforms that businesses can be present on like twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, youtube, etc. They all have various features that brands can use and benefit from. 
Social Media

What is the importance of social media in business marketing?

Importance of Social Media in Business

  1. It provides you with a big audience
    Social media users are huge in number which gives you a better opportunity to reach out to a large audience and turn the maximum possible number out of them into your potential leads and customers.
  2. Better customer interaction
    Social media lets you interact with your audience in an easy, effective, and more creative way. You don't just sell them your products; you sell them content and give them a reason to trust in your brand and its visions or missions
  3. Demographics and viewers activity
    Social media provides you with various business tools that allow you to know your audience’s activities on your page. It gives you a report based on which you could analyze, know your audience, and make changes according to their needs.

Some of the most effective social media strategies that will work for your business:

Effective Social Media Strategy

  • Know your audience 
    Social media will help you in reaching out to a big audience now you need to take steps to make use of it. Study and know your audience, what they need, what they prefer buying or seeing and make changes or add things to your profile and business according to their needs. 
  • Analyze your competitors
    There are a lot of businesses present online and a lot of them will be your competitors. Analyze your competitors' activities and make changes in your strategies to make it better than their’s or different. Keep a healthy competition with your competitors. 
  • Appealing content
    Content is the key to achieve the trust of people; they look for god content that can provide them with knowledge or entertainment. Promote your brand by providing quality content on various topics and trends which will promote your page and make it appear to more people.
  • Take Inspiration
    Take inspiration from the big brands and businesses that have successfully and effectively used social media tools for their business. There are so many things and creativity that you could learn and be inspired by on social media.
  • Follow trends
    There are a lot of changes and trends that take over social media, make sure you keep up with those trends. It will make you appear active and interactive to people and will help you in making it easier to turn them into your leads.
  • Make your social media profile like a website
    Your social media profile will be the first website-like platform that people will come across your business. It should be designed like a website, for this, you could put up the links to your website, keep the contact information, post attractive and informational posts about your business, etc.
  • Advertising
    You could create interactive and engaging social media advertisements to attract a large number of people. Advertisements can be in the form of a post or videos but they should be created in a way that people don't just skip through them but are engaged to watch them completely or read them. The posts should be attractively designed to catch the attention of people towards what you are telling them.
  • Collaborate
    There are a lot of influencers who have a large number of followers, by advertising your business or brand through those influencers can increase your leads. When a business' publicity is done by an influencer, it creates a sense of trust in people towards the brand and that is very important for any business.
  • Live-sessions
    Live sessions are a new and very interactive way to increase your leads. You can do live sessions in a form or interview or question-answer session with some famous professionals. This will help you gain more followers through the people you’re having the live sessions with.
  • Use hashtags
    You can categorize the posts that are similar in the context under a single hashtag. It will increase the number of your followers and help you in categorizing them. Hashtags generate followers from everywhere which increases your network. It can also be turned into a trend if your hashtag is catchy and interactive enough.
  • Turn viewers into leads
    If social media is used correctly it can magically increase the profitability of your business. You will continuously get followers but you need to make sure they are regularly turned into your leads. Social media could get you the important information like email or password that you need to turn them into your potential leads.
  • Storytelling
    Every brand has some stories behind the work they have done. Tell your brand and product story or journey through graphics, videos, and pictures. It will help the audience in knowing your business better and will give them a glimpse of your creativity. 


Social media is a great platform to interact with people, know their needs, and to grow your business. It can take your local business on the international level and provide you with unlimited advancement and growth opportunities but you must know how to use it effectively to make the best out of it. Here were some of the social media strategies that have been most effective in bringing growth to businesses.