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Jul 27, 2020   |   by Niddhi Bhangdia   |    Graphic design , Marketing , Digital Marketing

Designing and Marketing are two important parameters for managing a business. Marketing is something that builds interest among a user and facilitates a buying decision of particular products while designing is something that attracts a user and helps to communicate the brand with their audience. A company is incomplete without both of these services. Designing and Marketing are interdependent on each other and to make any campaign work these both departments need to work hand-in-hand. Both marketers and designers work to achieve the final goal but the tools used by them are separate. 
Design and Marketing

Marketers talk about conversions, audience, sales funnels, ROI, engagement, and Designers think about end product experience, feel purpose, emotions of the product. So whenever setting up a campaign, both marketers and designers must sit together for brainstorming and discuss the impact and performance of any particular campaign. When both have clear goals in mind about the end goals then only the results are going to be as expected. You can have the best design but if the marketing is not done with proper targeting the campaign will fail and the same goes if you have clever targeting but if the designs are not appealing enough that will also lead to failure.  

If marketers and designers work together they can learn a lot of things from each other. 
The Market and the Brand

  1. The Market
    A Marketer must know everything about the market where he needs to show off his/her skills: what the customer wants, what is the target audience, will the idea work or not, how the competitors are performing, what is the future scope, etc.
    Marketing is not just about selling products once. It’s a recurring process and that can be achieved if the customer had a great experience using the product. A marketer is someone who understands the product as well as the customer’s needs. Today, Design is not just about drawing sketches using pen and paper. A Designer should be able to outshine the product by understanding the emotions of people behind the product.  
  2. The Brand
    A brand is not built in a single day. It needs patience and hard work to do so. And building a brand is not dependent on a sole department. Marketers can tell a story, build a strategy, showcase the product, gather customers. But what’s going to make it a brand is customer experience. The same goes for designers. Just designing a logo, branding, packaging will not make it a brand. So you need to be patient enough and work as a team on the feedback of the customers. If you won’t work and improve your product as per the suggestions then the strategies and designing are not going to work no matter how much you try.

    How Marketers and Designers can work together?
    How Marketers and Designers can work together
  • Brainstorming Ideas
    The marketing and design department needs to work together on the complete plan of how a concept is going to be developed until the execution. A harmony must be created between the two of them so that way you know if both of the departments are clear in their end goals. It isn't mandatory what a Marketer wants to convey will always be understood in a first go by the designer. While brainstorming ideas it will give them a clear idea by solving doubts. 
  • Communication
    Communication through every step is key to prevent your company from huge losses. Marketers are someone who is good at words, numbers so they need to give examples of what they are expecting in the design. A designer is someone who is strong with visuals. So, communication will be of help here. Suggest examples of the lookalike you want the end result to be. Designers need to do some research before attending any meeting so that way they will get an idea of what discussion is going on in the room and ask questions if you do not understand something. That way you will save some time for both.
  • Create a Balance
    When hosting client meetings make sure to include designers so that every department gets to better understand the client's needs. A balance between the design and marketing team will reduce the struggles and guarantee results and ROI to your company. 
  • Agree on Deadlines and Revisions
    When setting deadlines for a particular project think of an approximate number of revisions and a deliverable deadline. If you have a campaign deadline then make sure the deadlines set are not too close to the campaign deadline as sometimes design might require revisions. Try to anticipate each other’s needs ahead of time and set the deadlines by agreement.

    The Thing is Both design and marketing is about understanding users – their pain points, their expectations. Stuff that sells well is designed well, and stuff that is designed well needs good marketing to sell. As we’ve seen, the more that designers and marketers can work together, the better of each on is going to be.