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Jul 27, 2020   |   by Niddhi Bhangdia   |    Social media , Digital Marketing

Setting up Facebook Ads
Whenever you are using the Facebook app you might have seen relevant ads popping on your timeline, in your messenger and stories as well. If you’re running a business and you think you might get a potential audience on digital platforms then Facebook is one of the best apps where you can run advertisements. Facebook provides multiple options depending upon your end goal which ad to run. Optimized ads mean the campaign which you’re going to set up that will lead to effective results. This article is about Facebook ad optimization that will help you set campaigns that will lead to the best results.

Facebook ad optimization

Advertising on Facebook is easy but optimizing your Facebook ads is quite a difficult task. You need to be well aware of the fact that it requires a certain amount of planning from your side to get it done right otherwise it will be a complete waste of time and effort. Facebook has more than 2.38 billion active monthly users and gives you in-depth targeting features. But how well your campaign performs depends upon the strategy you decide while running ads. 

Facebook Ads not working? Here’s why-
Most people think that running advertisements on Facebook are just like another medium of advertising- set up the ad with a target goal and get results. But that’s not really how it works. Facebook is not a sales app, it is rather a fun app where people come to watch funny videos, memes, and social life of their friends. And if you’re going to spam them with your salesy ads they’re probably going to ignore it. 

You need to Optimize your Facebook ads, and here's how you can do it-

Step 1: Choose your marketing objective
Facebook offers three different marketing objectives from which you can choose:

  1.  Awareness:
    If your ad objective is to attract potential customers to your page/website then you can choose between the following campaigns:
    Brand Awareness

  2. Consideration:
    If you want to drive engagement of users with your product, brand, or services, Facebook provides these of the following objectives:
    App installs
    Video Views
    Lead Generation


  3. Conversions:
    This objective focuses on people taking action on your ads. This is the last stage where it's all about your target audience giving you a commitment to buy your product. The campaigns under conversions are:
    Catalog Sales
    Store Traffic

    Marketing Objective

Step 2: Optimize your Targeting preference
It’s important to recognize your right target audience. Not all genders and age groups are going to respond to your ad. You need to find the most suitable age category, the gender and make the ad relevant to them so as to achieve your targeted goal. You can even set the ad to the local and global levels. If your product is locally available you don't need to run the ad nationwide. In order to correctly target your ads, you need to create a specific custom audience.

Detailed targeting means setting up the ad with the interests and behaviors of your custom audience. If they have shown any interest in products relevant to yours, you can target those people. Once you’re done, don’t forget to save this audience which might help you in the future when running ads again.
Targeting Preference

Step 3: Ad Placement
Ad placement is where you can manually select places on Facebook where you need your ad to pop up. In the edit placements option, you can choose where to place your ad.

Once you’re done with placements, select the budget of the ad. If you want to set it up to a daily budget or lifetime budget. Daily budget is where you’ll enter an amount that will be spent and not more than that in a single day whereas lifetime budget gives you the flexibility to add budget to the entire campaign and Facebook will decide how much to spend daily depending upon the response of your audience.
Ad Placement

Step 4: Designing your Facebook ad
This option is where you can select if you want to run the ad using a single image, carousel, and video. There are sizes recommended and you need to design the ad copy using those sizes only or else they would not be approved. You can also choose from the free stock images provided by Facebook.

Designing your Facebook ad not only means designing the image or video. You need to add a catchy headline to the ad copy that will attract your audience to click on that CTA button. The headline, small description, Website URL, and CTA all come under designing the Facebook ad. You can set up a Facebook pixel on your ad for remarketing purposes.

Once these steps are followed you need to add the payment method and Facebook will review your ad if it follows all the guidelines. Once all the standards are met it will start displaying your ad. 

Designing Your Facebook Ad
Why optimize Facebook ads?

  • Facebook Ads increases your click-through rate

  • It reduces your campaign’s cost per click

  • For increases your sales at the same budget

  • Need more ROI

  • It lowers your cost per acquisition

  • Increases the leads and conversions

So as you can see there are numerous advantages of optimizing your Facebook ads which can really be helpful for you in the long run. If you fail to optimize your Facebook ads, then chances are that the entire campaign will be in a declining mode and you will suffer heavily leading to incredible losses.