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Jan 07, 2021   |   by Niddhi Bhangdia   |    Graphic design , Digital Marketing

How To Design A Perfect Landing Page

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent.

First things first, there is no short cut or a secret formula on how to design a perfect landing page. However, there are some tried and tested strategies that are effective in bringing out the best in landing page techniques.

Firstly get to know the fact that your home page is not your landing page. Both of them are different. A homepage of a website is typically the one that has a lot of messages, details, call to actions, etc, which can at times make the person confused and the chances are that it may increase the bounce rates.

So to reduce this, you need the perfect landing page. It should be aimed at converting the visitors and eventually turning them into leads.

Advantages of design a perfect landing page


  1. Converts visitors to customers
  2. They directly support your business goals.
  3. They improve paid search campaigns
  4. They can grow your email list
  5. They can directly increase the credibility
  6. They directly improve brand awareness

There are basically two types of landing pages

1. The Click-through landing page

They act as intermediaries to serve as the ultimate step while deciding whether you want to buy the product or not.

They are typically used in the e-commerce industry where there is an option of adding through the click-through rates.

It is also helpful in the services sector. once you know "how to design a perfect landing page" then you can easily analyze how to convert users and increase your click-through rate.


2. The Lead Generation page

Your perfect landing page will be known as your Lead generation pages are typically where there are used to gather potential information about the various pages and contains a form of email or a telephone number. It is typically created to tell some kind of information and then inform the prospective lead about it. 


Tips to design a perfect landing page

They are a great way to connect with your audience and also to drive various conversions and leads at the same time. It is a direct way to create a sales portfolio for your business and get your page more ready for clicks and sign-ups.

Below I note few generic points which will help you to design a perfect landing page.

Design a Perfect Landing Page

1.Page Headlines and ad copy

The landing page headline and the ad copy headline must compliment each other. Your AdWords score is dependent on the quality score and that can be achieved if you have rich content maintained on your landing page.

The advertisement headline and Page headlines must go in harmony with each other.

2. Clear and catchy headline

A catchy headline is the first thing which you should be thinking of because it is from there that your audience will be interested in you.

It is the first step towards an engaging landing page and also gets the audience to observe the rest of the website.

3. Use impeccable Grammar

The text need not be too much, but it should be perfect and should be able to draw the audiences. Always double check your copy content and make sure how will it look on the landing page.

It directly converts to trust among the customers and can serve as potential leads. Try to use simple and understandable language on your landing page and you can use Grammarly to avoid punctuation and grammar errors.

4. Testimonials

An honest customer review is a big draw. They develop trust and an honesty factor which is a good thing and for your products and your business. 

According to statistics, around 85 % of the consumers trust online reviews and that can help you bring business. So make sure your landing page has honest customer reviews.

5. Use Call to Action

Having a Call to action on your landing page is like showing directions to your users. CTA's should have an instant effect on your users to take the required action.

The scrolling, the call to actions, and the content and text should all be carefully aligned and placed in a location as and when the user can see.

Your landing page should also be optimized so that it gets the maximum traffic. CTA should be highlighted so that when a user visits your website the first thing it gets noticed. 

6. Share your page to the other social media pages

Once you have designed and published the landing page, the next step is to share it with the other mediums. The reason behind doing this is you can get organic traffic to your website through your social media.

If you own a business and you post good images on social media then that might urge your users to purchase those items and will drive the website traffic. 

7. Relevant Images and Videos

Eye-catching and background images are a point of attraction for your audience. They can get half of your work done.

Voice search and videos are only going to get bigger and better and are going to be one of the most trending factors in the upcoming years.

Videos are extremely effective and have a very high conversion rate. They give a much different impression than normal text.

So it makes sense to post videos, especially on your landing pages. It also drives as a good means of a call to action.

8. Post interesting offers

Just one simple question? Why has the audience come to your page? So that something is interesting for them, right? 

So as a host you should offer that something interesting, which will in a way entice your audience. Post interesting offers, coupons or discounts which will make it sound nice and interesting for the audience

9. Make Clever Use of Colors

In one of our blogs, we have discussed how colors play an important role in influencing the audience's behavior. Applying the right kind of colors increase traffic and develop potential leads.

  • Yellow- For optimism and youthfulness
  • Red- Energy and passion and to take action.
  • Blue- Trust, security, and integrity
  • Green- Mostly used for nature, and the color associated with wealth.
  • Orange-Generally used for the call to actions.
  • Pink-Romantic and feminine, associated with softness and beauty products for girls.
  • Purple- Sophistication, professional, used generally for anti-aging products.
  • Black – Power, and luxury.

10. An Overall Minimalistic Design

Too much stuffing of multiple things will drive away your potential audience and customers.

For a professional and good looking landing page, you should use quality images; the landing page design should be simple and minimal. You can use a maximum of up to 3 colors.

minimalistic design

A perfect landing page is the one that makes your website visitors converted into your customers and bring revenue to your business. This is where all your efforts come to fruition. So make efforts to design a high conversion landing page and don’t mess it up!