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Jul 16, 2020   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Uncategorized , Branding , Graphic design , Marketing

Have you ever thought that even though if your content is on point with the most stunning visual graphics and symbols, yet the website is not able to generate the required leads and get the required traffic? Have you ever thought of the content that must go on your website? Have you ever thought of designing a landing page separately from your main website? Don't have answers to these questions? Well, the main reason behind all these questions is the Search Engine Optimization of your website. You need to stuff the right amount of keywords on the landing page to make it work. Have you ever paid detailed attention to your landing page?

Create a Landing Page that converts
A landing page is also an important factor that is responsible for the active conversions, therefore, keen attention should also be paid on designing the landing page of a website. It is also important to keep UX UI design of a landing page in mind while designing a landing page because it is the first thing that people will notice on your website and it can build or ruin your first impression on people. 

As per a survey, around 40% of the conversions that take place are solely based on a landing page and how well you strategize to convert the potential leads from your landing page into customers.

Role of Landing Page
Role of Landing Page

  • Generates leads
    A landing page must be carefully designed to make it appealing, convincing with all the possible detailing taken care of to ask information without intimidating the viewers. There are multiple ways one can generate leads through landing pages. For instance, a Landing page can include a form that needs people to fill up their information which can be used afterward to notify leads about offers.
  • Demographics
    When a potential lead fills up a form on the landing page you might get details like- age, profession, locality, phone number, etc. A landing page gives you the data that is required to understand the needs and requirements of your leads. With these requirements, you can target a specific category of the audience that falls in your basket.
  • Eliminate distractions
    Your website's ultimate aim is to generate leads for your business but the overall website would allow the viewers to roam about on your website they might still not allow you to turn them into your leads. Having a landing page for your website will help you in eliminating all those unnecessary things and come straight to making a deal. 

Essentials of Creating a High Converting Landing Page

Essentials of Creating a Landing Page

  1. Keep it simple 
    The simpler your landing page is to understand, the more traffic it is going to generate. Yes, a cluttered landing page will make it difficult for your audience to focus on what is important and that might lead to spending more time on unnecessary things. And also try to create a balance of graphics and other designs on your page, too much of anything is unattractive. 
  2. Insert videos
    Videos attract a large number of viewers or audiences and can raise the views on your website and if you could put video testimonials and case studies, they will work wonders for your website. People take time to look at the videos and get curious about knowing more about your website, brand, and business. 
  3. USP
    Your brand must have a unique selling proposition that sets you apart from your competition. Your landing page must have USP mentioned so that it brings people's focus right on what is most important to your brand and how it will be beneficial for your viewers.
  4. Pictures
    Visuals are attractive to look at, better at delivering the ideas, and effective in converting on the landing page. You need to make your landing page attractive and what's better than having pictures on your site? Use the right amount of graphics to explain your idea and use the space effectively to put those graphics so that it looks attractive. 
  5. Include details to reach out
    The landing page will create the first impression of your brand, therefore it is important to make sure that the viewers see that your brand or website as an interactive one, for this, make it easier for your viewers to reach out to you by putting up all the contact details like email, phone, address, etc. 
  6. Easy navigation
    How the things work on your website, what does what, and which thing will take you to which page. There are various elements present on the website’s landing page, make sure they are easy to understand and makes navigation faster and easier. 
  7. Make sure of zero grammatical errors
    Grammatical errors and poor language applications ruin your impression all at once and you won’t get a chance to make your impression by your content. Therefore, make sure your landing page does not have grammatical errors.
  8. Offer a good deal
    Your landing page mostly includes a form in which people could fill their information like name, phone numbers, and emails so that the website could generate leads but people would not be ready to fill up that form and allow you to reach out to them unless you have some good offer. 
  9. Highlight the key points
    You cannot put a lot of information on the landing page but to make sure that the key points of interest come in notice of people in the first go, you could use bullet points to highlight the important and concise detail with people. It will attract them to know more about your website as well as make your website look more appealing and informative.


Every business website has different kinds of landing pages depending upon their viewers or audience. There are a lot of factors that go into creating a perfect landing page and there were few of them. You could take professional help for creating or designing the right and effective landing page for your website that converts.