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Jul 27, 2020   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Social media , Branding , Graphic design

Give Your Personal Brand a Makeover

If you've successfully turned your business into a brand you are already some steps ahead of other businesses. A brand is the identity of a business that is trusted by people and help your business in increasing popularity and sales. Building a brand takes a lot of time and effort because it is a long-time investment. Changes can be brought in your branding strategies when necessary but they have to be made after a lot of research, experimenting, and by taking the help of experts.


Branding is very effective in building customers for the business but at times due to several internal or external factors, the brand fails to do so and that is when you could give your brand a makeover by making several changes in it. It is necessary to bring changes or give your brand a makeover when the sales start to decline, customers start preferring other brands over yours, people don’t find your brand attractive, etc. But, business losses are not always the reason for making some changes in the branding, sometimes it is done just to increase the existing sales or popularity or to keep up with the changes in trends and preferences of people.

Here are some of the ways to give your brand a makeover:

Personal Brand Makeover

  1. Research
    It is never recommended to conduct any kind of activity before doing proper research before in business or any other field. Taking action without analyzing the pros and cons have the probability to backfire or result in losses. If you are planning to give your brand a makeover you must first research the market to know all the necessary information. Doing research would help you in knowing the trends, what are the preferences of people, their likes and dislikes, the actions taken by the competitors, etc. This will eliminate or at least reduce the chances of things going wrong while making the changes.
  2. Survey
    A survey is the best and the direct way to know the needs and feedback of your customers. The changes that you will make in your brand will be focused on being liked by the customers and getting good feedback. Through conducting a survey you could directly know about the things and changes that people want to see in your brand. Apart from the changes, what kind of things people like about their favorite brands, and how to do choose the things they buy, these questions on the survey would help you to form a perfect rebranding strategy for your business.
  3. Change the logo
    A logo is one of the primary factors on which the popularity of a brand depends upon. Logo can be remembered easily so if you have a well-designed and impactful logo, people will be attracted to your brand. You have to take a lot of advice from experts and do experimenting before choosing the right logo because they are a long term investment and cannot be changed frequently, although, sometimes a logo loses its impact due to some factors and this could result in decreasing likeability of your brand by the customers, here, you could try changing your logo and giving your business a fresh look.
  4. Tagline
    Tagline shows the main purpose or idea behind your brand and it has to very impactful. Good taglines stay in people’s heads and attract them towards your product. All of us remember the taglines of some famous brands because of the impactful, attractive, and memorable tagline they had made for their brand. So, if you think that your tagline is not that memorable or impactful, changing it to something better will help your brand in getting a fresh push. You can take the help of agencies or experts that have experience in creating the taglines or you could experiment and test some by making them by yourself.
  5. Packaging
    The packaging is a great way to attract people. The way your present your brand matters a lot, it shows how important your product is to you, the efforts that you have put in it, and the value it holds. The efforts that you put in your way of presenting your product through packaging matters a lot because that is what will be visible to the public and attract them towards your brand. So to make changes to your brand, one of the things that could be done is changing or redesigning the packaging of your product. A good graphic designer or an all-inclusive designing agency will help you with it.
  6. Skill up
    Learning is a never-ending process, it never stops and you keep learning new things while working. Trends, technology, demands, preferences, etc. face a frequent and persistent change in them, and to deal with them perfectly and efficiently, skill up-gradation could help you. When you have to give your brand a makeover there are a lot of things that you could do but for their successful execution, you might have to learn new skills. 
  7. Social media presence
    Social media is the biggest influencer of people towards anything that is happening in the world. It is the trendsetter and the best way to make your brand popular. It helps you in delivering your idea in the best possible manner through social media posts and advertisements. When you want to bring changes in your brand, you could make some changes in the way you present it on social media, you could even understand the preferences of people and what they like and what they don't. Social media posts and advertisements influence people and while you are giving your brand a makeover, make sure that your social media is showing it in the most attractive and impactful way.

Here were some of the ways to give your brand a makeover. It is always better to take the help of the experts and agencies for doing so because they have a great deal of knowledge and experience about it. Brand makeover relaunches your brand and shows people its importance.