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Jan 07, 2021   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Social media , Branding , Graphic design , Digital Marketing

Top 12 Web Designing and Digital Marketing companies in India

Best Web Designing and Digital Marketing companies in India 
Web Designing is the creative combination of art and technology which helps the brands grow on the platform with the highest viewers on the Internet! Digital marketing very effectively promotes the brand on digital platforms. The role of Digital Marketing and Web Designing goes hand in hand. Both are incomplete without each other’s support. Imagine if your brand is designed in a very beautiful way and you’ve taken proper care of maintaining your brand identity as well but you failed to advertise your brand. Then how is it supposed to reach the target audience? How will people know what services your brand offers exactly? And the same goes around. If you’re good at advertising and marketing but your brand is not well designed, it won’t leave an impact on the audience. Bad design leads to distrust among the potential clients and won’t help in generating leads for your business. 
Digital Marketing and Graphic Design require a team of highly creative, versatile and dynamic artists. Both cannot be done by a freelancer or a single person. To get the best expert service you need to hire agencies who have years of experience in handling clients from both domains. So here we have formed a list of some of India’s best Digital Marketing and Web Designing agencies that have such artists working to bring you the best design and marketing solution for your business development through digital media. 
iProspect India
iProspect is a leading digital marketing agency found in 1996 which has been based in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Chennai and the headquarter in London. They have more than 4600 digital experts in their team who are well-equipped and skilled who help their clients meet the most difficult business challenges and that makes iProspect stand out from others. They offer quality digital services that are unmatched. They provide a wide range of services like, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, paid search advertising, online display advertising management, paid inclusion management, shopping feed management, global search engine marketing, Web analytics/attribution modeling, digital marketing, etc. and partners are with firms like Adidas, Diageo, Hilton, Burberry, General Motors, Procter & Gamble, Gucci, and Microsoft. 
The Design Trip
The Design Tripis a Pune based creative design agency, which is a group of young, dynamic and very creative designers who work as a team and bring you the best services for your designing needs. Their field of expertise includes Branding, Graphic Designing, Marketing Solutions, UI/UX, Space Design and Product Photography. The Design Trip is a rapidly growing agency with happy clients all over the world and more than 150 completed projects in just a few years after it started. They are very well-known for the customer service policy, delivering on-time results, and having a very professional approach to all their projects. The Design Trip strives to bring innovations by constantly following the latest global standards in designing technology.  
WATconsult has been ranked amongst the top 3 digital agencies and the most globally awarded agency in India based in Bangalore, Delhi, and Bombay. A team of more than 400 creative minds presents impactful creatives with effective media and technology. The versatile group of people works together to provide you with the best and quality-driven digital marketing, consulting, digital business and digital experience solutions and services. WATconsult works with the biggest of the brands in the market like The Body Shop, Cadbury, USHA, Godrej, Apollo, Honda, Jockey, Only, Jack n Jones, DHFL, etc. Their featured work made it to the first, second and third screens. 
Skovian Ventures
Skovian Ventures is the digital marketing and website designing company based in Pune which is a one-stop-shop for all your designing needs for online advertising and website development. They provide the services of their field of expertise which is in search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, web design, web hosting, content marketing, UI/UX designing, online reputation management, etc. The company puts quality before quantity and client satisfaction before everything which is the reason for them having more than a hundred happy clients in India and across the globe.  
iKnowledge factory
Since the year 2000, iKnowledge factory, a team of more than sixty creative brains who consistently bring up new ideas and provide services in the Website Maintenance, Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Web Content Marketing, Video Production and stand unwavering in following its core values of being transparent, respecting clients and work, innovating, inspiring and being professional. iKnowledge factory has more than 850 major clients and who are the backbone for the company. The experience of working for almost two decades makes them stand out with their excellent web solutions.  
Mirum India is a leading digital marketing company in India offering 360 digital solutions to more than fifty national and international brands. Mirum’s office is in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. It operates in 25 countries, having 46 offices and more than 2500 digital experts who hold the base of the company. The agency started in 2009 by the name Social Wavelength and since then it has bagged more than a dozen awards for their exceptional delivery of digital marketing and web designing services. Their services and activities include forming digital marketing strategies, managing social media, social media listening, marketing automation, media buying, etc. 
is the digital marketing agency based in Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and with International offices in Canada and the USA. It focuses on building startups and brands, promoting their business by helping them reach out to a large number of people through digital marketing. Brandloom is run by its core values of 
Integrity, Value Creation, Principled Entrepreneurship, Customer Focus, Knowledge, Change and fulfillment. The team has worked with leading Indian & International organizations such as IBM, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Philips, Panasonic, and many more. The agency provides consultancy in business, marketing, strategic branding, and digital marketing. They are experts in SEO, Content Marketing, Online advertising, Online PR, Lead Generation, Visual Branding, UI/UX, etc. 
is a privately held creative digital agency founded in 2011 which is headquartered in Baner, Pune. It is a certified Google partner and aims to serve quality work to its clients. They specialize in the social web, mobile devices, content networks, web technology, communities and platforms for digital marketing. The company works by using the client-centric methodology which has helped in building their client’s trust in them. Clients and teams work together in sharing and generating ideas. Technooyester has a team of digital experts providing services in Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Logo Designing, Website Designing and development, Branding and Brand Strategy, UI/UX Designing, Graphic Designing, etc.  
is the 360 Digital marketing and advertising agency that provides consultancy solutions to everything be it, Traditional, Digital, Films, Events or BTL. It is spread across India with its offices in Mumbai, Manipal, Belagavi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Kolkata, Mangalore, Delhi, Pune, Goa, and Coimbatore. They work with the mission to bring constant changes in the ever-changing world of advertising, becoming the best employee-friendly workspace and become the most preferred advertising and digital marketing agency. They provide a wide range of services for all the advertising and digital marketing needs. 
Square One
Media and Communications offers advertising and marketing solutions to help brands encourage meaningful relationships with their clients. The key disciplines of SquareOne include creativity and strategic insight along with a keen understanding of technology and upcoming trends. Square One helps brands maximize their growth. They offer full services of advertising, branding, digital marketing, and design strategy. SquareOne helps plan advertising campaigns across mediums including and strictly not limited to print, digital, outdoor and TV. 
Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing Agency
dedicates their learning and they strive to deeply understand the client’s business first. They try to build strong relationships with their customers and ensure their marketing strategies are built with the sole focus on solving the problems of the business. They find the loopholes in the current business model and try to fix them by suggesting marketing campaigns to solve the problems. They provide services like Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Reputation Management, Social Media 
Marketing, Web Designing, and Development, Marketing Automation and expertise in services to industries like B2B, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, SaaS, Real Estate. 
Crantia Technologies
Crantia Technologies
is a digital creative agency that is successfully crafting profitable digital experiences for its clients all across the globe. Clients looking for the need of powerful digital media and design strategies can partner with them. Crantia Technologies can help you discover, design, develop and scale digital experiences that deliver measurable results. They specialize in providing custom web responsive designs that have beautiful aesthetics and are easy to navigate. Services like Web Development, Mobile Application Development, Digital Marketing, Branding, and Design are offered by them. They have tremendous experience in this field which helps their clients boost their business. 
 From the above list, you can choose any company which suits your business requirements the most. These top companies will contribute to your growth.