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Jan 07, 2021   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Business , Social media , Branding , Graphic design , Marketing , Digital Marketing

Importance Of Growth Hacking In Startups

Growth Hacking
Growth hacking or a Growth Hacker Marketing is an experimentation method, during which you will be able to modify things at intervals of your marketing to grow quicker. It is an umbrella term for ways targeted solely on the expansion of the organization. It is typically employed in relevance to early-stage start-ups, who would like large growth in an exceedingly short time and on tiny budgets. The growth hacker formula consists of achieving product-market work, as a result. The goal of growth hacking ways is usually to accumulate as many users and customers as possible in a limited period.

Growth Hacking 

Difference between Traditional Marketing and Growth Hacking.
There is a difference between Traditional Marketing and Growth Hacker Marketing strategies. In traditional marketing, the development team builds a product and hands it over to the marketing team once it's done. Marketers need to work with what is given, and it's all about spinning the customers' perception regarding the product. It is a different mindset or method that brings science to marketing.

Teamwork in Startups

In simple terms, traditional marketing requires big budgets and it is not that commonly used because of its inability to trace the desired results. Whereas growth hacking depends on tiny clever triggers, that make self-perpetuating marketing machine, typically stated as going viral. Growth Hacker Playbook includes solely what they'll take a look at, track, and scale with minimum budgets. The key to try to do growth hacking is, everyone who belongs to the marketing and development team needs to work together, to do the fast experimentation. And they need to do this fast experimentation throughout the business. 

T- Shaped Marketing Framework
There is another term that is said to the growth hacking referred to as a T-Shaped Marketing. The method T-Shaped Marketing is greatly similar to the ways of the growth hacking technique. A growth hacker should have information regarding all the strategies of T-Shaped Marketing, to try to the method of growth hacking very optimally. 

T shaped marketing

The strategy and framework of T-Shaped Marketing are classified into three categories that are: The best knowledge: Behaviour Psychology, Storytelling, Analysis, Research, etc. The marketing foundation: Copywriting, Sketch Canvas, A/B Testing, etc. The channel expertise: Email Marketing, SEO, Paid Ads, etc. The T-shape framework describes the necessity of skills level, and therefore, the depth of knowledge for every step in growth hacking. For growth hacking to achieve success, it has to begin with the proper product.

Growth hackers recognize that does not happen for the primary or the second time. And so that, they treat their product as one thing malleable. Almost no company starts with the right answer which justifies the observe of developing a minimum viable product, to induce it dead set the market as before long as potential, then work to take a look at, gather feedback and reiterate. If it takes a straight forward example, it's Instagram that comes into containing a location primarily based social network. However, that wasn't gaining abundant attraction. However, it was noticed that each one of their users' area unit progressing to the photos and therefore, the filter section of the app so that they pivoted their ways and specialize in what worked and therefore, the rest is history.

Growth Hacking Strategies

Here are some growth hacking strategies for the start-ups

1. Collaborations

For a startup, especially a new one collaborating could be made with other businesses or the platforms that have a lot of connections and could make you reach out to more and more people. This saves efforts and time that you would otherwise have to spend on marketing and reaching out to people.

2. Attend or organize events

Organizing events or participating and attending events help you in making a lot of connection and generating potential clients for your business. It helps in building trust amongst people towards your brand and its authenticity and puts your ideas and views in front.

3. Social media

Marketing your brand on social media is a very effective way to make your brand be known by a lot of people. Following the social media trends and posting the promotional graphics on social media attracts the viewers and potential customers towards your business. 

4. Follow and learn from your competitors

Your competitors could be your biggest teacher. You should always be aware of the steps that your competitors are taking and the mistakes they have made. This helps you in making further decisions for your business and eliminating the chances of unnecessary errors. 

5. E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is the way to reach out to other businesses, organizations, and people by telling them about your brand in an email. E-mail marketing can be done by making a list of people for sending emails before the product launch and sending them the emails about the launch, the events, and everything to create a hype and curiosity amongst them about it.

6. Interactive website designing

Invest in creating and designing a perfect and informative website for your brand. A website is a top-most thing that people see to get information about the product and to verify its authenticity. Your website creates the first impression of your brand for people and it should therefore and carefully created.

7. Sell samples 

Samples are a great way of reaching out to the public, building their trust, and then generating prospective customers. Samples are the small and free versions of your products which could be sold out along with something or freely. People will use them and will try to buy them if they are satisfied with it.