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Aug 22, 2021   |   by Ambika Chandel   |    Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses

In today's era, every individual is an internet user. We all have this habit of Google for any problem-solving.

With that, the marketing of business has gone digital since the 21st century. Business is something that can happen when you can reach and connect people with your product.

The rapidly changing tendency of people to be available online on social media platforms raises the requirement for businesses to be on there to get the attention of the world.

Digital marketing lets you decide your business goal before advertising.

First, let's discuss -

What is digital marketing?

All the forms of advertisement that you can see on your mobile phones or laptops are what we call digital marketing. This is the most simple way to understand it.

Websites, search engines, and social media apps are some important channels for it.

Website:Consider the website like a real-time store. If you don't have it customers cannot find your business on the web. This will be your basic requirement for implementing digital marketing strategies.

Search Engine:The most popular one is, Google. Nowadays, people search on the web for any problem or requirement. Like, If you own a clothing line and people with an intention to buy a shirt will search on the web for the best one and compare different brands with prices. Your brand must pop-up there to get the customer.

Social Media Apps:Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are some popular apps. They have millions of users and your business can directly reach millions effectively by regular engagement and get feedback instantly.

Yes! here are some reasons why digital marketing is important for businesses:

Connect with Global World:The world has shrunk on the mobile screen. Here you have an immense opportunity to reach the global world. Every product or service can cross geographical boundaries. Even the start-ups can establish their brand, be part of globalization, and compete with big brands.

          Instagram - 1+ billion users

          Facebook - 2.7+ billion users

          Youtube- 2+ billion users

          Twitter - 152+ million users

Affordable:This modern form of marketing is cost-effective as compared to the traditional form. Managing, strategizing, and planning of the budget is also possible. It is even affordable for a small-scale business to promote their business. At such economical pricing businesses gain traffic, global visibility, reach, brand awareness, etc.

Facebooksets the minimum daily budget for ads at $1.

Instagramsets the minimum daily budget for adsat $1.

Youtubesets the minimum daily budget for ads at $10.

Lead Generation:Opens the door for good quality lead generation. Then lead tend to become customer or client later on. Get leads from Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other platform. Every platform holds a different kind of audience. People go to Twitter for knowledge and use Instagram for entertainment.

Customer Support:Get instant feedback from the customer. Customers nowadays are very keen on giving positive as well as a negative review of the product. It is a kind of solving the problem of a customer in front of the world. Social media has provided the power to customers to raise voice against any fraud. If a business delivers a bad quality product then customers instantly tag the picture of it with the official account of the business. It can tarnish the reputation of the brand.

Better ROI:ROI is the amount of profit or loss that is generated over the amount spent. Digital marketing campaigns provide you a positive return on investment. Through Google Analytics, you can track and measure not just sales and leads but also where people are coming from. And that helps in building the base of interested people for your business. Targeting on the same interested folks there is a higher chance of conversion on them.

Target Audience:Target audience for business will be the ones who will be benefited from what you are offering. Digital marketing allows you to target an audience based on age, gender, life events, occupation, interest, hobbies, location, etc. Targeting the right person at the right time brings an easy profit to the business.

For example, Homemade chocolate retailer will direct their promotion towards children and the festive season. On the other hand, sports accessories retailer promotion direct towards people who shows interest in sports activities.

Forms of Digital Marketing:

Content Marketing:Content can be in the form of images, text, video. The content is created with a motive to promote a product or service, this is called content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization:After purchasing and designing a beautiful website. Then it comes to rank the website in SERP (Search Engine Result Page). The process of increasing the number of visitors to the website is SEO.

Pay-per-Click:PPC is a Google Advertising service. Also known as cost-per-click. That helps to promote business all over the internet. Here amount deduction is based on the number of clicks on the link.

Social Media Marketing:The promotion of business on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Here businesses can use paid as well as unpaid advertising strategies.

Email Marketing:When your promotional content reaches the inbox of mail, is Email Marketing. The emails are sent to the prospects and customers concerning new product launches, discounts, offers, limited stock, or thanking notes. Email is something that every educated person prefers to keep a regular check on it.

Mobile Marketing:Promotion content reaching mobile users through website, SMS, emails, or apps to promote product or service. The number of mobile users increasing per day. On average, people all over the world spend more than 4 hours on mobile surfing.

In the digital marketing era, any product or person becomes a brand as soon as it goes viral. When all the strategies are used effectively and correctly, it can give a huge amount of sales, profit, or traffic to the website.