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Jan 07, 2021   |   by Niddhi Bhangdia   |    Business , Branding , Graphic design

Importance of Consistency in Graphic Designing

If you gave identical graphic design projects to two completely different companies then certainly you will notice several variations in the work done by both of them. The biggest distinction you will notice between the two of them is that professionally done graphic designs maintain consistency in their work. On the other hand, the non-professionally done designs would not go in harmony. So, the bottom line is even if you work on multiple projects your audience should be able to recognize the piece of work done by you. Being consistent doesn't always mean providing the same work or the same designs. Consistency helps in tieing your work together. Think of any famous brand like Dominos. They have created the brand in such a way that whenever you think of dominos the first thing that pops up into your mind will be its logo and the colors. 

Importance of consistency

 Humans have that power to try to remind things which we have seen before. Let it be about a brand with a regular design or a picture with beautiful colors. And if consistency is maintained then it can be permanently fixed into a person's memory. That's the reason why every brand is trying so much to be consistent with their designs. Here are some interesting factors that describe why consistency is important in graphic design.

Consistency in Graphic Designing

1.First Impression Matters: 

As mentioned above, human minds can try to remind designs that they have seen earlier but they tend to forget things pretty quickly. You might have designed a brand logo that pleases your audience, however, this scenario does not happen on a regular basis. For you to form an impression in the minds of your audience, you need to repeat some of the elements of your design over and over. So, they begin recognizing some kind of harmony in your designs at first look.  

First Impression Matters in Graphics Designing

2. To Keep your brand Alive:

Once you've created an impact on the audience, they will automatically acknowledge your brand. Have you ever wondered how you can do that? It's simple. You need to maintain a selected color scheme or font in your designs. It is time for you to keep up that image and keep it alive. Of course, the only method you need to follow is by staying in line with your designs.

To keep your Brand Alive

One of the most important decisions you will have to make is when thinking of making changes in your main logo. You've to eliminate the unnecessary elements but keep the most memorable ones alive. If your logo's strength lies in pointy corners of its font, make sure you do not get eliminate it, despite how many changes you have to make to the design.

3. To maintain Discipline:

A business is successful if it shows discipline and consistency in its works. Discipline can not only be shown in people's behavior, but it can also be shown by the versatility of your designs which come up with every work that you present. Discipline and consistency do not mean sticking to the same pattern or designing, it means being persistent at bringing up creativity and ideas. More consistency you have with your designs, the more disciplined you seem to your customers. It helps in maintaining a good image of your firm in front of people.

Maintain Discipline

4. It will keep you Unique

The uniqueness of your brand highly depends upon consistency in your work and its presentation. Designers should always have new, creative, and innovative ideas as and when needed. They should explore and experiment again and again to know the people and their needs better. Consistency is what will give a unique identity to your brand by presenting the un-matched creativity in your designs and saves you from the negative feedbacks and reviews.

  Be Unique