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Jan 07, 2021   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Business , Branding , Graphic design , Digital Marketing

User Interface designing (UI) is a form of digital art creation that focuses on how things will work on a webpage, app, or software to make it beautiful and user friendly. It is all about what will happen when the user clicks, enters, drags the objects on the screen by creative assembling and usage of documents, texts, videos, graphics, pictures, fonts, animations, buttons, tags, text fields, checkboxes, drop-down lists, graphic designs, etc. It makes the concept interactive and easy to understand by the audience.

UI designing is a very important part of web designing because it creates the first impression of any company or product in the minds of the viewers. People usually take User Interface and User Experience to be the same but are two different concepts; while UI focuses on how things work on the screen, UX is about how what will be viewed by the users and viewers.

What are UI Designing agencies and what do they do?
Role Of Ui Design Agencies

For the development of any business, good software, an app, or a website is necessary to make people aware of the company, product, or services. These businesses have in-house UI/UX designers or they hire the UI/UX agencies for the work. These agencies have a group of very creative individuals or designers working under them who are skilled with the important tools of UI/UX designing like InVision, Zeplin, Belsamic, Sketch, Adobe XD, Flinto, Figma, etc. These agencies research to find out the latest trends and what the viewers are attracted to the most to prepare the best and suitable designs for the people.

User interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designing focuses on what the viewers are seeing and how things work on the websites, software, and apps. The creative arrangement of pictures, graphics, sounds, animations, etc, or the unique way of scrolling, clicking, dragging, and selecting objects on the screen attracts the viewers towards knowing about the product of business and creates a good image of it for them.

Why should businesses hire UI Agencies?
Need of UI Agencies to Business

  • Increases product awareness

Designing brings your ideas and concepts in front of people though the internet decorating it with their designs for a better understanding of people. When the business, product or services are present on the internet they become accessible and noticeable by a large number of people which increases brand awareness and eventually the brand reputation.

  • Organized and engaging pages and graphics

It is easy for the viewers to know about your business with the easy to understand, interactive, and user friendly designs. Viewers are attracted to know about your product or business when the website, app or software is creatively designed even when it is of no use to the viewers.

  • Know your customers

Designing is the process that includes research about the market, the needs of the customers and what attracts the viewers. This helps in knowing your customers and working for their satisfaction.

  • Interacting with the audience

Feedback and interaction with the customers are very important in any business. Through a well-designed web platform for your business, you can easily interact with your customers, know their needs, and receive feedback and suggestions for further improvement

  • Optimization

There are hundreds and thousands of competitors in the market with their own creative and unique way of promoting their brands on the web, a good UI/UX agency makes sure that your brand stays on the top of all them and appears first when the user searches for the product or service that your brand provides.

Best UI agencies in India
Best UI Design Agencies In India

  • Lollipop UI/UX design studio

This agency is amongst the top UI/UX agencies in India and is based in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Dubai, San Jose, and Ho Chi Minh. Lollipop is a group of more than 150 teammates, has a working experience of just six years, and has already bagged more than 15 awards.

  • The Design Trip

Pune based digital creative agency, The Design Trip is a group of young, dynamic, and very creative designers who work as a team and bring you the best services for your UI designing needs. The Design Trip is a rapidly growing agency with happy clients all over the world and more than 150 completed projects in just a few years after it started.

  • F1 Studioz

Studioz is the designing studio based in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Newark. This team of creative members works with a focus on simplicity, empathy, and agility. F1 studioz partners with big brands like The Home Depot, ICICI bank, Clopay, Cognitive scale, Med-Plus, net core, etc.

  • Pro Creator

Procreator is a Mumbai based designing agency which works on their mission to make the digital world a beautiful place to see, use, feel, and experience. The group of seven young individuals has provided their services through Procreator to HCL, ITC Masterchef, Programming Hub, Netcore, Rubique, Playshifu, Axis bank, Nasscom, etc.

  • Skovian

Skovian is the UI agency based in Pune with customers not just in India but in Australia, Canada New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, UK, and the USA as well. It focuses on its vision of providing quality design and punctuality in work. It partners with more than 90 businesses worldwide.