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Interior Design
Interior Design


A beautiful home or office attracts the person at the first visit. People hire interior designing agencies to make workspaces  or homes look incredible. We believe in transforming your dream into reality. We work for residential as well as commercial property. Our interior designing services are a unique blend of comfort and style with an innovative approach.


Embracing beautiful spaces has been our passion since we started serving clients . Thanks to the clients who chose to collaborate with The Design Trip over the years,, we grew our range of services and products into all major cities in the country and even into US and Australia . According to our clients' needs, we offer different design styles.



We are going to discuss:

  • What is interior design?
  • What does an interior designer do?
  • Interior Designers VS Decorators
  • How to choose the best internal designing agency?
  • What are the responsibilities of an interior designer?
  • Why choose The Design Trip?

So, let's understand each point in detail:

What is interior design?

Interior designing is the art of making the interior of a building to get a pleasant and healthy environment for the people using space. And the professionals who manage, plan, and coordinate such projects are called interior designers. As we face the current pandemic of Covid-19, we understand the importance of interior spaces for our wellbeing and the prevention of various diseases. It's a big responsibility for a professional to design an indoor environment and execute successfully.

What does an interior designer do?

Corporate Design

Corporate designers make a blend of valuable and expert working environments and attempt to consolidate components of an organization's image inside their plan. They work in various settings, from tiny workplaces and new companies to exceptionally enormous corporate structures. Despite the size and extent of the undertaking, their fundamental spotlight is making a sufficient and valuable space.

Corporate designers also make spaces, particularly workplaces, that add to excellent wellbeing and stance for representatives restricted to workplaces for a large portion of the day. PCs, PC work areas, and PC seats are frequently the center, as many individuals utilize these things for broadened timeframes. Individuals using them might experience pointless exhaustion, stress, and even injury if some unacceptable items are being used or, on the other hand, in case they are inappropriately changed or put.

Healthcare Design

Medical service designers design and revamp doctor's workplaces, dental workplaces, medical clinics, medical care communities, centers, and private consideration offices. These kinds of designers have practical experience in the proof-based plan - the proof-based plan was first characterized as "the purposeful endeavor to put together plan choices concerning the best accessible examination proof" and that "a proof-based creator, along with an educated customer, settles on choices dependent on the best accessible data from exploration and undertaking assessments."

Kitchen and washroom design

This kind of designer talks about all parts of making, rebuilding, or refreshing the kitchen and restroom space of a customer's home. They have master information on cupboards, apparatuses, machines, plumbing, building materials, and electrical answers for these particular rooms. Topics, shadings, examples, and room design are discussed with the customer, resulting in portrayals and drawings dependent on those conversations. When a venture has begun, the originator must keep all costs inside the customer's spending plan.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable designer's principle center is to utilize practical items. It has a low natural effect, decreases energy utilization and waste, develops indoor air quality, develops energy and water proficiency, and plans in a productive utilization room. Economic plan projects are likewise centered on offsetting feel and usefulness with decisions that lessen the ecological effect.

Universal Design

These designers are mainly making functional regions for the elder and individuals with unique requirements. Doorways without any means or low-floor travel transport that "bow" (carry their front finish to ground level) or are outfitted with inclines assist those experiencing issues boarding a vehicle. These widespread plans are not just gainful for the elder or uncommon necessities individuals, but for others (for example, somebody pushing a child buggy).

Responsibilities of Interior designers:

Following are the responsibilities of interior designers;

  • Advertising and Promoting for new projects
  • They do bidding on new projects
  • They sit with customers to pinpoint project objectives
  • Visualize how spaces will be utilized
  • Sketch design plans
  • Picking materials and furnishing
  • Placing orders for materials and furnishing
  • Creating project timetables
  • Estimating project costs
  • Supervising project development and establishment
  • They Coordinate with workers for hire in regards to plans and particulars
  • Coordinating with electrical experts, painters, handypersons, and different experts
  • Ensuring the customer is fulfilled get-togethers project is finished

Interior Designers VS Decorators:

Schooling: Interior designers require specific education and training, whereas decorators didn't.

What they do: Designers are OK with spatial arranging and can help plan and redesign interiors—from drawing up the underlying floor intends to put the last improving accent, whereas decorators are talented at coming into a room and whipping it into visual shape. New spaces can assist customers with choosing a style, pick a shading plan, buy furniture, and adorn.

To whom they work: Interior designers often work with architects and contractors, whereas decorators usually are not working with any contractors and architecture.

How to Choose the Best Interior Design Company?

Understand your niche first: Before hiring any agencies, understand your place correctly and decide exactly the kind of service you need. 

Collaboration: Companies must be collaborative, and we know that action always speaks louder than words. A good agency always rectifies anything that goes wrong. It would help if you considered avoiding any agency that refuses to listen to your suggestions or opinions.

Chemistry:  Good chemistry is mandatory between you and your design agency because you spend time and money with your agency. Wouldn't it be nice if he suited your style? Is their relationship with you going to be a healthy one? Thus, you need to work with a company that boasts a strong client relationship.

The most crucial element of hiring a marketing agency is communication. You must hire an agent who understands your needs as designing and marketing are cooperative processes. Open and accessible communication between you and your agency is critical.

Ranking: Before hiring an agency, check whether that agency ranks high or low on the creativity scale. Check their order on search engines and go through their portfolio, rating, and reviews.

History of their work or projects: try to know have they worked on similar projects? Are there clients who got good ROI (Return on Investment)?

Why Choose The Design Trip?

We're the best interior design company in the world that deals with various kinds of design.

  • 'The Design Trip' offers high-quality product image services with a team of award-winning designers. 
  • We treat your design like it is our own.
  • We have several highly skilled interior designers that will make your brand unique so that you can proudly show off your design.
  • We have worked with reputed organizations for many years, and we never miss a single deadline.
  • We develop excellent communication with our clients.
  • Our prices are competitive and fair; we fulfill your needs at an affordable price.
  • For us, customer satisfaction is our priority because happy customers repeat their business.



Frequently Asked Question

A:The designing of architectural space in a way that it looks beautiful and fulfills the purpose of that space efficiently.
A:The Design Trip creative studio has a team of professionals space designers. Work collaboratively with contractors, architects, kitchen designers, and furniture suppliers.
A:We provide service to corporate houses and personal living space also.
A:The team can save time and money to find the best architecture for your dream home or workplace
A:Yes, we provide our service to small spaces also. With the proper layout, even small spaces look bigger optimized and well decorated
A:There is a lot of work involved in color selections, Furniture selection, Flooring selections, Budget, Wall and window fixing, Product and cost comparisons.
A:We have collaborated with many specialized suppliers, who can customize the product according to the order.
A:Many factors are considered before giving an estimated time for the completion of the project. Depending on the size of space and type of work required
A:We do a client survey to know few things before proceeding with the project. The client's preference on style, demand, purpose, family needs, space size, location, and budget are some of the mandatorily required information.
A:Yes, you can check the portfolio and see our designs.
A:Visit the contact us page on the website. You can find the contact details there.