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Aug 14, 2020   |   by Aishna Pathak   |    Digital Marketing

Content writer professionals write content on various topics for various internet platforms to engage viewers. They write blogs, website content, social media posts or any other kind of written content to be published online. Content writers outline the things they want to write about and then prepare content that is easy to understand and consume.
Content Writer Skills

Here are some of the skills that every content writer must-have.

  1. Versatility
    As a content writer, you could be given the task to write any kind or style of writing. You must know how to use the appropriate words, language, style, or tone to match the requirement. Whether you are given to write a post caption, an advertisement copy, blog, website content, etc. The tone should match the type and it should not lose its effect. 
  2. Ability to understand your reader
    You have to keep in mind the kind of audience you are presenting your content to. The tone, words, and type of your content will vary depending upon your viewers. If the content is targeted towards a professional audience, the tone should mostly be formal whereas when the website provides content for youth or young people related to their lifestyle, the tone could be informal with simpler word usage.
    Top skills every Content writer must have

  3. Researching ability
    When you are being given a topic or subject to write upon, you must know how to research it to understand it better and to be able to write good content. The information that you research should be relevant and trustworthy. It requires a lot of patience to research something and to find out the best of the information.
  4. Being original
    Being original is the key to good and trustworthy content. Plagiarized content will ruin your reputation and could put you in big legal troubles in worse cases. Research about the topics but write them in your original way and if you are taking any kind of content for somewhere, mention the sources and credits. 
  5. Skilled in writing tools 
    You can write good content on your own but it is always better to take an expert’s help. As a writer, you must be skilled with various writing tools that help you in preparing content that is unplagiarized, grammatically correct, and in the right tone. The Internet has numerous such writing tools and the most popular one is Grammarly. 
    Top skills every Content writer must have

  6. SEO understanding
    Content writers must always be aware of the various SEO trends and tools. They must know how to write the content that enhances the SEO and appeals to the audience. Audiences need to find your content first to be able to judge for it being good or bad. Using keywords, SEO- effective titles, descriptions, hashtags, interlinking, these things enhance SEO through content.
  7. Being organized
    Content writers need to be organized. The workspace affects the efficiency and thinking process of writers therefore they must make sure that they are very organized with their activities and schedule so that it doesn't affect their content. Having a diary for daily tasks or calendar to remind you of the deadlines and phone reminders will help you be on time with things.
    Top skills every Content writer must have

  8. Focus
    Content writers have to spend a long time sitting and writing about various things and researching from numerous places. They need to have good concentration skills and focusing ability to be able to finish the work on time without making unnecessary delays because of distractions and fatigue. Get rid of the things that could cause distraction before you sit to write and practice mediation in your free time to build focus and concentration. 
  9. Social media skills
    Social media will allow you to connect with a large number of people, for a good content writer it is important to interact with the audience, understand their preferences and needs and prepare the content according to that. There are various tools on social media that content writers must know of so that they could make their content reach a large audience.
    Top Skills of a Content Writer
  10. Ability to meet the deadlines
    Your business and clients need their work on time and you need to manage your time to complete the task and submit the content by the deadline. Delay or unnecessary procrastination will give out a bad message about you. Submitting good content timely would make you look more professional and reliable. 
  11. Communication skills
    Exceptional communication skills both written and oral are the key to attract people. Content writers must know how to convince people through their speech or writing. Having good communication skills make it easier for the writers to effectively deliver the idea behind the write up while creating a significant impact. 
    Top skills every Content writer must have
  12. Editing skills
    You must have an eye for perfection and detail. Before submitting your article you must edit and check for the correctness of your content. Spend enough time in analyzing, editing, and correcting the content before submitting it. When people will notice the errors, it will create a bad impression of you as well as your business.  


To be able to convince people through your words is not easy work. You must know what your audience is like, what they prefer, and what will be the best way to write and deliver the content to them to make a good impact on them. Content writing may look like a simple job but takes a lot of time efforts and numerous skills to be able to write the content that boosts up your website’s SEO, social media’s followers, or your audience in general.